Part of the Dutch airspace is located above the North Sea. Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) is an important link within Dutch airspace. They ensure safe, efficient and environmentally conscious handling of air traffic in the airspace 24/7.

North Sea

There is a lot of flying above the North Sea: from coast guard and defense, to scheduled flights and pleasure kites. Drone traffic has also been growing in recent years.

Gas and oil companies are well represented on all kinds of platforms in the North Sea. The various companies fly to and from the platforms via the helicopter companies. With the rise of wind farms in the North Sea, parties are increasingly joining the ranks. LVNL has surveillance and radio equipment on the platforms to ensure good communication and traffic safety above the North Sea.

Flight plans

To ensure the correct use of the Alerting Service, LVNL requests pilots to correctly address their flight plans and keep them up to date. In this way, rescue operations are only initiated when an aircraft is really in distress. Flight plans must be completed after landing. If a flight plan has not been completed, the alarm may be raised incorrectly. Search and rescue (SAR) is initiated if a flight has not been reported as having landed 30 minutes after the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

You can easily submit, update and close a flight plan via Homebriefing. Are you going to fly over the North Sea? Request your flight plan here:https://hbs.ixosystem.eu/

Operational Helpdesk

Safety is a top priority at LVNL. Certain flights and special events or activities can have an impact on the airspace and airspace users. The LVNL Operational Helpdesk is the intermediary between organizers of such flights or activities and air traffic control (LVNL and CLSK). They help with flight preparation, provide up-to-date information and handle requests for special flights and events.

The Operational Helpdesk is available daily between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Dutch time) for requests for special flights, activities and events via +31 20 406 2201