Functions and use

The North Sea is a rich natural source of economic activity and other forms of human use. However, not everything is possible everywhere, because nature must be protected and space in the North Sea is limited.

Spatial planning Northsea

Moreover, the North Sea is also the habitat of many species of marine life. Soil life, fish, marine mammals and seabirds together with their habitats form the ecosystem of the North Sea. The human use of the North Sea may not exceed the capacity of this system.

Therefore, there are various important reasons to regulate the use of the North Sea:

  • combining uses that are compatible within the same space
  • separating uses that interfere with each other or that may cause harm
  • limiting or even banning uses in areas and/or under circumstances in which they would cause pressure on the ecosystem.

The function maps on this site indicate for each form of use with which other functions they interact.