Interdepartmental Directors North Sea Consultative Body (IDON)

All Ministries with tasks and responsibilities on the North Sea work together in the Interdepartmental Directors North Sea Consultative Body (IDON). This organisation coordinates the development of policy .... Read more about Interdepartmental Directors North Sea Consultative Body (IDON)

Development of the 2030 North Sea Strategy

Strategie Noordzee 2030

The current North Sea Policy will expire in 2021. Those involved in the '2030 North Sea Strategy' development process are preparing a new policy that will give direction ... Read more about Development of the 2030 North Sea Strategy

Offshore wind energy

Windmolenpark op de Noordzee

The Netherlands is working on sustainable, reliable and available energy that is affordable for everybody. It is vitally important that we switch to sustainable energy. Read more about Offshore wind energy

2016-2021 North Sea Policy Document

Kyte vliegers

The North Sea occupies a special place in the Dutch water system. On the North Sea, a large number of (user) functions must be assessed so that the best use can be made of the limited ... Read more about 2016-2021 North Sea Policy Document

Marine Strategy Framework Directive

The aim of the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) is to protect and restore the European seas and oceans and promote their sustainable use. The MSFD obliges .... Read more about Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Litter and microplastics

Zwerfvuil op de Noordzee

Marine litter is a growing problem. In addition to information, awareness and cleaning campaigns, the emphasis is also on prevention by tackling the source and closing the loop. Read more about Litter and microplastics

Incident control

Incident control

The Coastguard Director is in charge of Disaster and Emergency Response. Operational deployment is coordinated from the response and information centre. Read more about Incident control

Oil and gas extraction


The North Sea contains large oil and gas reserves. Their extraction contributes to the Dutch economy in a major way. This is why oil and gas extraction are designated ... Read more about Oil and gas extraction

Cables and pipelines


On the Dutch Continental Shelf alone, there are approximately 4,500 kilometres of pipelines and 6,000 kilometres of cables. More than half of the cables are no longer in use. Read more about Cables and pipelines



The fishery policy for the North Sea is European policy. It is called the Common Fisheries Policy. European fishery regulations are aimed at preventing overfishing and at ... Read more about Fisheries

Viewer offshore wind turbines

Zicht vanaf Egmond op bestaand en nieuw windpark

The Government has commissioned the development of a viewer that can be used to gain an impression of coastal views in 17 coastal municipalities. Read more about Viewer offshore wind turbines