Natura 2000 – stakeholders

From the shore, the sea appears to be relatively empty and unused but appearances can be deceptive; intensive maritime traffic, commercial fishing, oil and gas recovery, laying and maintenance of cables and pipelines, creation of wind farms, sand and gravel extraction, military use and much more.
All these activities are linked to large-scale interests on land, from coastal protection and seaport development to food and energy supply, building and the construction of infrastructure. Most human activity at sea goes hand in hand with pressure on the nature in the North Sea. The activity has an impact on the lives of specific species, of entire communities or of a particular habitat.

Use with an impact on nature

Some users of the North Sea have little or no impact on the nature in protected areas; others all the more. Many users of the North Sea are thus party to the implementation of the policy for strengthening the ecosystem and protecting North Sea nature. It is in their interests that they are able to continue with their activities. In most cases that is possible, while some parties may have to adapt their activities to maintain and restore natural values. In other words, the stakeholders are parties to the assessment of the impact of their activities and to the drafting of management plans for the designated areas.