The interministerial consultation has changed significantly in recent years. Specific official committees with a legal basis and an external chairman have been eliminated. This is also the case for the National Environmental Hygiene Affairs Commission (Rijksmilieuhygiënische Commissie) relevant to North Sea affairs and the National Spatial Planning Commission (Rijksplanologische Commissie). Interministerial consultation instead takes place by official presence at the 'subcommittees' within the Cabinet and in the civil service antechambers that are chaired by the Secretary-General of a coordinating department.

The following bodies for interministerial consultations are still in function:

Interdepartmental Directors North Sea Consultative Body (IDON)

All ministries with tasks and responsibilities in the North Sea work together in IDON, the Interdepartmental Directors North Sea Consultative Body. This body coordinates the development of policies and prepares decisions on the management of the North Sea.

The coordinating role of IDON ensures that ministries make policy based on a single shared vision of the state, the use and further development of the North Sea. The ensuing tasks for the management of the North Sea are coordinated within the IDON. This allows the government to fulfil its role in the sustainable shaping of the current and future use of the North Sea as a single authority.
The following organisations work together in IDON: the Ministries of Infrastructure and Environment (Chair), Economic Affairs, Defence, Finance and the executive organisations of Rijkswaterstaat and the Coastguard.

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Permanent Contact Group Enforcement North Sea

The Permanent Contact Group Maintaining North Sea (Permanente Kontaktgroep Handhaving Noordzee, PKHN) is a permanent consultation of all government agencies with direct or indirect enforcement tasks in the North Sea. Participants include: the Public prosecutor (Chair); the Tax Authority/Customs West of the Ministry of Finance, the Inspectorate for the Environment and Transport, the Royal Military Police, the National Police Services Agency and the Head of Enforcement and Incident Control of Rijkswaterstaat Sea and Delta.
Each year, the PKHN prepares a policy plan for the enforcement tasks for the Director of the Coastguard Centre. The Coastguard Centre has operational command over the implementation of Coastguard tasks. The policy plans specify the desired policy results for the corresponding year.