Nederwiek wind farm zone

Specifics of the zone

Nederwiek wind farm zone lies between 100 and 120 km from the coastline, to the north-west of IJmuiden Ver wind farm zone, bordering on the UK section of the North Sea. So it is a long way from the mainland and, on completion, will not be visible from the coast.



Northwest of IJmuiden Ver

In use from


In use untill

approx. 2065

Number of eind turbines


Turbine output (MW)


Wind farm output (MW)

Approx. 6000

Surface area (km2)

Approx. 600




Nederwiek wind farm zone is made up of three sites, each with a capacity of 2000 MW. Two of those (the most southerly sites, I and II) are included in the offshore wind energy roadmap. Once the study into the opportunities for landing the cable has been completed, it is expected that the cabinet will decide in 2024 whether the most northerly site, III, will be incorporated into the roadmap as well, at which point there will be an invitation to tender and have the site developed.

The tender procedure for the first sites will be held in 2025. The wind farm zone will supply electricity from 2030 onwards.

You will be able to find all reports and decisions on the website of RVO Bureau energieprojecten at a later date.

Through shipping

A corridor runs through the wind farm zone to allow shipping, such as the IJmuiden - Newcastle ferry, to travel towards the United Kingdom. For site I, to the south, options for such a corridor are being investigated with a view to the site decision.

Shared use

An Area Passport guide will be available on the opening of the Nederwiek wind farm zone. Zoning in this area passport will show where there is space in the wind farm for shared use.