IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone

Particulars of the wind farm

IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone lies 54 kilometres from the coast, to the north-west of the Hollandse Kust (west) wind farm zone. So it is a long way from the mainland and, on completion, will not be visible from the coast.

IJMUIDEN VER Wind farm zone
Locatie West off HKw

In use from


In use until


Number of wind turbines


Turbine output (MW)


Wind farm output


Surface area (km2)





IJmuiden Ver wind farm is made up of four sites, each of 1000 MW.

The tender procedure for the first sites will be held in 2023. The wind farm will supply electricity from 2027 onwards.

You will be able to find all reports and decisions on the website of RVO Bureau energieprojecten at a later date. At that time, you will be able to find documents including the following there:

  • the Range and Detail Memorandum (NRD);
  • the Environmental Impact Report;
  • the site decisions.

Free passage

For the time being it is assumed that the IJmuiden Ver wind farm zone will not offer free passage to shipping due to shared use. Shipping will solely be able to pass through a so-called ‘transit passage’.

Shared use

An Area Passport guide will be available on the opening of the IJmuiden Ver wind farm zone. Zoning in this area passport will show where there is space in the wind farm for shared use.

IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone

Legend IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone:

  • Kavel = Site
  • Vermogen = Output
  • Exploitatie = Operation
  • Vergunninghouder = Permit holder
  • Dit gebied ligt vanaf 54 km uit de kust  = This zone lies from 54 km off the coastline
  • Bestaande windparken = Existing wind farms
  • Toekomstige windparken = Future wind farms