North Sea Coastal Zone 1

North Sea Coastal Zone 1 consists of ‘sandbanks which are slightly covered by sea water all the time, subtype North Sea Coastal Zone’.

North Sea Coastal Zone (decorative image)

The Habitat Directive site or SAC called the North Sea Coastal Zone 1 runs from Petten to Rottumeroog, between the high water line and a water depth of 5 m. It is a site of approx. 260 km² that forms part of a larger Birds Directive site or SPA of approx. 1,240 km². This site, too, has already been designated.

The Habitat Directive species are harbour porpoise, grey seal, harbour seal and the fish species river lamprey, sea lamprey and twaite shad.

The Birds Directive species are cormorant, shelduck, ringed plover, red-backed sandpiper, sanderling, little gull, little tern, eider, red knot, avocet, black-throated diver, red-throated diver, bar-tailed godwit, oystercatcher, turnstone, Kentish plover, scaup, curlew, grey plover and black scoter.