Frisian Front

The Frisian Front lies roughly 75 km to the north of Den Helder and occupies a marine site of approx. 2,880 km2. It is a Birds Directive site or SPA only. Since the Netherlands is able to directly designate an SPA, the procedure of site notification to the European Commission is not required for this site.

Frisian Front (decorative image)

Four Birds Directive species are found on the Frisian Front, namely great skua, great black-backed gull, common guillemot and lesser black-backed gull. In the late summer and autumn the great skua satisfies the standard that 1% of the total European population resides at the site. The common guillemot satisfies the criterion that regularly more than 20,000 individuals reside at the site.

The Frisian Front has been designated exclusively as a Birds Directive site or SPA. As such, it will be designated directly as a Natura 2000 site. As it has not been designated under the Habitat Directive, no habitat has been notified for this site. SPA site designation is expected in summer 2010. After that, the site management plan will be compiled; this must be completed within three years of the designation date.