North Sea 2050 Spatial Agenda

On 28 July 2014 minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen (coordinating the integrated maritime policy and in charge of maritime spatial planning) sent the new North Sea 2050 Spatial Agenda to parliament. The vision and points for action are guiding the upcoming 'maritime spatial plan' for 2016-2021, which will be an integrated part of the second National Water plan. The North Sea 2050 spatial agenda identifies blue growth opportunities and topics for cooperation on sea basin level.

Afbeelding strand met tekst: 'Noordzee 2050 Gebiedsagenda'

The strength of the North Sea 2050 Spatial Agenda is a joint framework, which elaborates on a future-proof robust use of the sea. This includes an explicit focus on the consequences for the effects on land. The joint long-term analysis, cohesion between the ecological and economic systems, and the relationship between what is possible globally, on a North Sea scale and in our own part of the North Sea, delivers valuable insights to fully utilise the sea’s strengths.

Vision of the sea from the North Sea 2050 Spatial Agenda

It is in the interest of the Netherlands to have a safe, clean, healthy and ecologically diverse North Sea that contributes to economic and social needs. The sea also has an important social-cultural and historical meaning for the Netherlands and is a source of knowledge. The sea can only contribute in optimum form if its natural resilience is further restored and expanded, and its appeal is retained for everyone. Traditional use of the sea is in transition. The core of the new policy for the North Sea is the joint management of desired use in space and time, ecology and economy and the further development of the natural potential of sea and coast. We strive to combine as many functions as possible. In some cases functions will need to be separated, for example for safety reasons or vulnerable marine ecology.

The five North Sea 2050 Spatial Agenda themes

  • Building with North Sea nature;
  • Energy transition at sea;
  • Multiple/multi-functional use of the space;
  • Connection between land and sea;
  • Accessibility/shipping.

International cooperation and opportunities for export play an important role in all themes. You can download the document, including the letter to parliament with an executive summary and the advice of the Council of Children below. Movies and related documents can be downloaded on this website. A printed copy of the Dutch North Sea 2050 spatial agenda is available on request.