Spatial Planning Tool

In the coming decades it will become even busier on the North Sea. More and more new uses are emerging claiming the available space, and this with an already complex spatial planning. The government will therefore take more control of the spatial planning for the Dutch part of the North Sea. Experience with spatial assessment processes on land has shown that it is important to involve administrative partners and stakeholders at the earliest possible stage in a process of spatial planning. This ensures better control, leads to better plans, facilitates the licensing process and reduces the risk of delayed legal proceedings.

Online data and maps North Sea

However, it is essential that all parties involved have all the relevant spatial information. This data and map images must be available online, and it should be possible to consult them with standard hardware and software programs. A Spatial Planning Tool is being developed for this purpose. This process-supporting ICT program allows for finding the most suitable locations for a specific activity. This can help in weighing locations against each other or to detect interactions with other uses. Once in use, the Spatial Planning Tool will be linked to this Noordzeeloket.