Hydrometeo North Sea

Hydro Meteo Cntre North Sea - Rijswijk

Water levels and wave heights

Ships, including ancillary nautical services on shore, are the main users of this service. This applies particularly to the shipping traffic to the ports along the Westerschelde river, and the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam (IJmuiden). The Hydro Meteo Centres calculate the so-called tidal window (the time during which the ship is allowed in the trench) for the deepest draught vessels.
The centres also greatly contribute to the protection of the western Netherlands against extremely high water at sea. The forecasts of water and wave heights are used as preconditions for the closing process of the Maeslant, the Hartel and the Oosterschelde barriers.

Hydro Meteo Centres

They also perform a wide range of supporting tasks, such as: providing information in case of incidents and salvages, supporting coastal replenishment, provide additional information about the measurements of the National Waters Monitoring Network (MWTL), level management Rijkswaterstaat and Water boards and optimisation of lock management, recreation, processing of sounding data, route planning, spread of environmentally hazardous substances and detection of drowned persons.
The services of the Hydro Meteo Centres are primarily focused on the central government, but are also available to the general public. The information is available on the common website.

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