Geographical information

Managing the North Sea is impossible without reliable geographical information. Map images and the data processed therein are necessary to control of the use of the space, to assess the spatial impacts of activities and for almost all communication between the parties involved in the use of the North Sea.

To this end, Rijkswaterstaat has current geographical information on existing uses available. This data can be viewed using the mapviewer.
Information can be requested at

Maps North Sea Atlas

Another source of information is the North Sea Atlas, which was created on behalf of the Interministerial Consultation Body for North Sea Governance (IDON). This atlas contains maps of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the water system, on the use and on the policy and management of the North Sea. All maps are based on the latest information that can be presented in map form. Currently, a new version of the North Sea Atlas is being prepared which allows map users to interactively make certain choices.