Viewer offshore wind turbines

The Government has chosen three areas in which offshore wind farms will be developed in the years to come. This choice means that the objective in the Energy Agreement to generate more wind energy will be achieved as inexpensively and as quickly as possible. These areas are located off the coast of Zeeland and the coast of Noord- and Zuid-Holland.

Extra space is needed so that the areas that were designated earlier for Noord- and Zuid- Holland can be used cost-effectively. That is why the Government wants to add another strip inside the 10 and 12 nautical mile zones. In order to allocate that strip, a formal procedure to review the new 2015-2021 National Water Plan was launched at the end of April 2015. The intention to do this and the Memorandum Scope and Detailed Level, which describes what will be examined in the Environmental Impact Assessment, was available for inspection from 24 April up to and including 11 June 2015.


Representatives of the coastal municipalities and other interested parties have asked the government to provide images of views at the sea from several areas at the coast. To make this possible, the government has commissioned the development of a viewer on internet. This viewer gives an impression of the view at the sea from 17 coastal municipalities under different weather conditions, at different times of the day, from a wide range of angles and for two types of wind turbines.

Start windviewer windmolens op zee


At the moment, the reactions on the Memorandum Scope and Level of Detail are being processed. Where possible, they are being included in the Environmental Impact Assessment and the draft Structural Vision. In addition, further research is being conducted into the effects of wind farms at 10 NM on the economies of coastal municipalities. The results will be taken into consideration during the decision-making process. The Environmental Impact Assessment and the draft Structural Vision, together with a reaction to the opinions, will be available for inspection in spring 2016.