New wind farms

In September 2014, the Government designated three areas in which offshore wind farms can be developed in the years to come. These areas are located off the coast of North and South Holland and the province of Zeeland.

Plaatsen van windturbines

In consultation with the wind energy sector, a new system for the roll-out of offshore wind energy has been designed. In this context, the government will make ‘wind farm site decisions’ in the three chosen areas. That can involve several wind farm site decisions in one area. Each wind farm site will have a capacity of approximately 350 MW. Each time, two wind farm sites will be connected to one TenneT platform. One platform can process a maximum capacity of 700 MW. The State coordination regulation applies to the construction of platforms and cables to the mainland. This regulation enables the national government to coordinate the decision-making process. The aim is to shorten and streamline the procedure so that projects can be realised faster.

Wind farm site decision

The wind farm site decision specifies where a wind farm may be built inside the area and under which conditions. However, the conditions always leave the builders enough space to choose – within certain frameworks – which technique to use. That enables them to keep their costs as low as possible. For each wind farm site, the Government will draw up an environmental impact assessment (EIA). The Government will also conduct research into the structure of the wind farm site, the soil on the seabed, the wind speeds and the water data. The property developers can use this information in their offer during the tender procedure.