Existing wind farms

In the Dutch part of the North Sea, there are already three operational wind farms and two wind farms under construction.

Fundering ohvs luchterduinen

The first two wind farms that were built on the North Sea are the offshore Wind farm Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ), located 6 nautical miles (NM, approximately 11 km) off the coast of Egmond aan Zee, and the Prinses Amalia Wind farm, located 12 NM (approximately 23 km) off the coast of IJmuiden. The wind farms have a capacity of 108 MW and 120 MW, respectively.
In 2015, a third wind farm was opened: the Luchterduinen wind farm, located 12 nautical miles (approximately 23 km) off the coast and a capacity of 129 MW.

Gemini wind farms under construction

Another two wind farms are currently being built: the Buitengaats and Zee-Energie farms, located 60 km north of the Wadden Islands (called the Gemini farms) with a joint capacity of 600 MW.

When the farms that are now being built are ready, they will generate 957 MW of electricity together with the existing farms.