Weighing up the interests

The government will be taking other interests at sea and along the coast into consideration as much as possible when implementing its plans for the large-scale roll-out of maritime wind energy. .

Government officials are currently holding regular consultations with the various stakeholders, such as the shipping sector, the fishing industry, recreational boating and coastal authorities. In order to weigh up the various interests, (assessment) frameworks for specific issues are being set up or are already being applied whereby the relevant sectors and authorities are requested for their input and reactions.

Shipping routes and wind farms

Wind farm areas always have to be situated at a safe distance from shipping routes. The necessary space for ships to navigate swiftly and safely is determined in the Design criterion: distance between shipping routes and windfarms (see: Policy Document on the North Sea 2016-2021, page 84). This Design criterion will also be applied when drafting the Government Structural Vision on the Designation of Additions to the Coast of Holland.

Free passage and shared use

The policy on free passage and shared use is that, from 2017, passage and multiple use will be allowed in all operational wind farms under certain conditions. The policy including these conditions is formulated in the  Policy Document on the North Sea 2016-2021, page 85) , which is part of the National Waterplan. The background documents (in Dutch) can be found below.

Other interests

Other issues that are being investigated are distances between mining sites and windfarms and Ecology and Accumulation. The effects of wind farms on sand extraction and cables and pipelines will be assessed in the specific wind farm site decisions.

Documents and publications

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Uitwerking besluit doorvaart en medegebruik van windparken op zee in het kader van Nationaal Waterplan 2016-2021